FEZ Spider tutorial


I was trying to follow the tutorial entitled Digital Outputs with my FEZ spider starter kit.
The page attempts to turn a LED on and off. My program runs but there is no LED lighting up. I had to add the FEZCobra as a reference since I did not see the spider one. What am I doing wrong? I have updated the firmware.

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What tutorial are you following? Adding Cobra to a Gadgeteer project doesn’t sound right.

You need the extender module driver instead. You can look at the source code to learn more if interested.

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@ Eric7, That tutorial is intended for NETMF native devices (Panda-II, Cobra, etc.) not the Gadgeteer boards. You can use it with Gadgeteer and Extender modules but that’s an advanced topic for you to explore once you master the “normal” way of using Gadgeteer. For now, I recommend you start with the tutorials in Gus’ new book.


I see. That makes lot’s of sense. I will give the ebook a good read. Thanks everybody for your quick responses.