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FEZ Spider sources codes are online


Change set 12994: Initial checkin of software support for GHI Electronics’ Fez Spider Kit, developed in collaboration with GHI Electronics.

Now, I want to ask you to hold till we give you an SDK as this will be much easier for everyone but if you are an expert and can’t wait, go ahead and have fun this weekend. Note that there are some bugs that we have fixed but not uploaded to codeplex just yet.

…more to come!


Awesome news for rainy weekend! ;D


I’m not sure how it works if your able to use TFS to grab the source but using SVN is kind of a PITA. There is no master solution so the only way to build it as it is to open each modules solution and rework the references so they point to the other dlls you just complied for other modules.

I’ll likely play with it some more but create my own master solution to make the build process more automatic.


Yeah, that is what Gus meant by:


I was able to give the display test project some ‘exercise’ without issue tonight, once I got all the references straightened out and removed source control, that is. Compiled and ran on the first try.


I just got everything to build finally. It was not too bad once I created an empty solution and added all the projects to it and set the build order right and replaced all the gadgeteer.dll references. :slight_smile:


That is some good news


While compiling Spider solution I’ve noticed this warning (also in the source code):

Does this mean that ‘I’ socket type modules will not work with Spider yet, or something else?


This is not related to I sockets but to daisy link…both will work fine, ignore the warning please


Got it! Thanks.