Fez spider - read from SPI

Is it possible to read data from external device, which works as a master SPI? Master device activates CS pin then immediately sends data.
I want to read this data immediately w/o blocking entire framework.

SPI class in Net Mf represents a master device too? Right? So it is useless in my case?

So only what can I do, is to use microcontroller which will read SPI constantly, and then stores data in internal buffer? (data amount which I need is very small, like 10 bytes / second). Then I can ask microcontroler through SPI to give me entire buffer?

you actually could try using GHI’s Signal Capture to essentially manually read the SPI signal. I’ve not done this but honestly think it is something that could work, particularly given your low data volumes

SPI is a Master Slave bus. CAN is a Multi Master bus. As a SPI master device there is no way to force NetMF to be driven by a SPI master.

RLP on the other hand. It should be possible to have an RLP interrupt happen on CS and then capture the data from the bus. Once finished, NETMF can just check to see if any data has arrived.

basically, welcome to signal capture…