FEZ Spider PPP and Cellular Radio Module

I am trying to use Cellular Radio Module Part #: SCLRA-GM-322 (http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/322) with FEZ spider using PPP, there is no documentation at all (at least I could not find).

Can anyone help please.


It was only tested without PPP.

Hi Gus,
I have downloaded you PPP AxisIPCam demo, any idea how to do the same with SCLRA-GM-322??

What if I write ATCommander class for SIM900 will that work?

This is very urgent any help will be highly appreciated.


I understand PPP is much better than using simple AT commands but if this is urgent then you can handle data with the current drivers, no need for PPP maybe.

I must use sockets, any idea how to use sockets with current driver?