Fez Spider not recognized (at all)

Hi all,
I just bought some new components and am attempting to load 4.2. I can’t get my Fez Spider to connect to my machine. Now, I’ve read other forum posts where a device could be seen in Device Manager but had a yellow exclamation mark next to it, but I can’t get it to do that. You know when you plug a USB device in and Windows automatically recognizes at least something and makes a sound? That doesn’t happen.

If I switch the onboard switches back and put in my previous projects components, that project still works. Switching to loader mode does something, because my last project stops loading, but it still won’t connect.

To answer suggestions from other threads:

  • I’m connecting directly to a USB 2.0 port (not a hub in otherwords)
  • I have a power supply connected


So when the switches are in “run” mode, you connect it, you head the device connected sound, you can see a device in Device Manager, and can deploy updated apps etc, correct?

And when you change the switches to loader mode, power up and reconnect it, you don’t even get a Windows device connected noise.

Can you go into MFDeploy and do a Device Capabilities and post that back here?

Hi Brett, thanks for the reply.

No, no configuration of the switches allows the device to be recognized at all (no sound, no items in Device Manager).

I’m going to guess not if the device can’t be recognized at all?

Oh, I tried a few different USB ports (but they all work with different devices anyway).

Yes, MFDeploy won’t work if you can’t get it recognised by a PC.

So here’s the only question I can think to ask. You’re sure, really really sure, that you have the SP or DP module plugged into the right motherboard socket? Really really really sure? If you’re really really really sure, can you check again for me, plus also swap out the Gadgeteer cable and check the pins all look right, and also a different USB cable?

The behaviour where you connect all devices and go into “run” mode, and your originally deployed app continues, and when putting it in loader mode it doesn’t run, is totally expected. Loader mode stops your app running, and since you can’t erase the app and update the firmware when you go out of loader mode, the app will run again.


Okay, so now when it’s plugged in, under Ports (COM & LPT) in Device Manager I have GHI Boot Loader Interface (COM3). MFDeploy can’t see the device.

Okay, under Debug mode MF Deploy can see the device, should I erase? Under Loader mode the device is visible in Device Manager but the Fez Updater can’t connect

Erasing it isn’t going to help, I don’t think. Just go with Manual update instructions. And yay for cable swapsies :slight_smile:

No dice, the Serial option is greyed out (also can’t ping the com port via MF Deploy).

After unplugging, and waiting no luck (x12 or so times). Now the GHI firmware updater is working. So. Haunted device.

And thanks for the troubleshoot Brett :slight_smile:

@ origin - lol, IT Crowd is funny - glad you got it working :slight_smile:

I realize this is an older post, but I had the exact same problem. Switching out the gadgeteer cable to the USB Client DP Module took care of my issue.

Thanks Brett!

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