FEZ Spider network deployment+debug

I want to try tcp/ip deployment on my spider, but cannot find any good documentation or examples.

So is it possible or not ?

As far as I know tcp/ip deployment is not supported since a (big) while.

Ok, that would explain alot, but what is this ?

Found in the 4.3 SDK


I think GT.Mainboard.ProgrammingInterface is not an GHI enumeration I guess.
Basically NETMF devices can support Serial, USB or Network deployment.
But GHI has dropped Network deployment starting with 4.2 firmware.
I guess if enough users would request it, then GHI might re-add it, if the hardware can support it.
But I also guess that this would come at the cost that GHI has less resources to work on other important topics then, like integrating NETMF vNext as soon as it’s available.

Thanks for the info !

I will just go with option B and put a panel mount USB cable into the aluminum case, so I do not have to take it apart everytime I have to deploy/debug the code :slight_smile:


Hi all I see that this discussion is 1 year old. Something as changed? I see TCP deployment in VS but I can’t select IP… Is TCP Deployment currently available? In a production product it could be nice to remote update boards.

Thank you.

@ andre.m - ifu is cool thank you

So we could load via ftp the firmware and then burn it! :slight_smile:

I have a question: what is mean in the documentation with config.hex? Firmware.hex is ok it’s the firmware written in VS… but I can’t understand config.hex… is it an hardware config like hardware MCU registers?

@ gremlinc5 - Config.hex stores the default device configuration for things like the display and network.