FEZ Spider - Mini Pacman code


I just published the code for mini Pacman to Codeplex.

The code is a little raw, only had two days worth of work and everything is purposely written from scratch so that I could gain more experience with this new environment.

The state management is particularly unrefined and there are a number of opportunities for optimization which I is what I really want to focus on. I did start commenting some of the code that I think can be evolved further and made into a re-usable library.

Please let me know if you have any comments/suggests especially with regard to best practices as they relate to .NETMF and embedded devices in general.

Thank you and Best Regard,


Sweet, thanks

Just went through the code quickly. Very nice lightweight game engine! I like it. Thank you!

Great! Just one nitpick… why is this topic in Off Topic. Isn’t this very much on-topic for Gadgeteer? :slight_smile:

@ Architect, thanks, I might extract this into a tiny library and develop a few sample games with it, that might be fun. It is always nice to dabble in a little bit of game dev.

@ MoonDragon, thanks, you are right I should have posted this in one of the more on-topic forums. I wonder if it can be moved?