FEZ Spider Interruption Issues

Hi everyone.

I’ve been experiencing certain issues with the interruptions on my FEZ Spider.

I have two sensors which simulate two doors, each sensor connected to a TB10 module. The sensor’s output is connected to one of the GPIO pins on the TB10 module, and just by that pin, we know we have a new interruption (pin 3 on each TB10 module).
A procedure must be executed each time one of the two doors closes, but the process must be cancelled if the two doors are closed or if the two doors are open.
I also have connected the serial port of a Surge measuring device to one of the COM Ports on my computer, because I need to send this measuring device instructions via serial port.
The thing is, sometimes, whenever I try start a test (whenever I send the instruction to the measuring device), I get an interruption on both “doors”, which causes the process to cancel right away.

I’m completely clueless about what might be wrong, i don’t know if I should need isolators for my COM ports, or if the cables must be shielded to prevent interference due the high voltage on the measuring device. I really don’t know what to do, and I’m losing my mind.

I’d appreciate it badly if someone could help me out.
Thank you all in advance. Have a great day. :slight_smile:

how do your “door” sensors work? TB10 is just a simple terminal breakout of the digital signals, so it’s a passive device… it’s probable that your hardware solution there needs to include some level of debouncing.

Can you also confirm, Fez Spider, or Fez Spider 2 (one is based on EMX module, one on G120).