FEZ Spider in 2020

Hi there, I dusted of my old Gadgeteer box this weekend to see if I could get it working. Got an old Windows 7 machine and got the Bootloader 2 installed and TinyCLR.

The ESX device now appears in Windows 10, and TinyCLR Config picks it up.

But this was a far as I could get the old dear. Is there anything I can do with this setup now? I was hoping that I could get VS2017 talking to it on Windows 10. Any suggestions about what to do with it would be great.


you can install VS 2013 besides VS 2017 on your Windows 10 PC and compile and deploy from the Windows 10 PC. For the Spider you need a Windows 7 PC to deploy the firmware if this is needed.


or you can use VS2017 (look how to)


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