FEZ Spider II / G120E Extended Weak Reference (EWR) issues

Are there any known issues with using Extended Weak Reference (EWR) on the new FEZ Spider II?

Every time I power mine on, I must calibrate the touchscreen again. This doesn’t happen if the Spider is rebooted without losing power. I have tested this with 3 different boards and 3 different LCDs. I’m using the CalibrationWindow class in Glide. I did not have this problem on the original FEZ Spider I.

Yes, I did tell it to save, but it wasn’t doing it. I think I have it working now. I had to add the following line after saving the settings:

Interestingly, for being so necessary, this method is not even listed in the .NET Micro Framework 4.3 SDK at [url]https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.spot.extendedweakreference_methods(v=vs.102).aspx[/url]

I only discovered it from Intellisense in Visual Studio and tried it.  I vaguely remember that GHI had to add a similar flush method back in version 4.1 to get EWR to work, but I thought that had been fixed in general NETMF long ago.

Also interesting is that in the exact same code, it worked without calling FlushAll() on the FEZ Spider I.