Fez Spider HTTP Issues


I have a Fez Spider I and a J11D Ethernet module. My attempts to use a WebClient.GetFromWeb() are met with timeout errors.

A few hundred google searches later I find i’m likely running the wrong TinyBooter and I don’t have the correct MAC addressing in MFDeploy.

Trying to change the network settings in MFDeploy doesn’t work, showing the error “Invalid configuration data from Plug-In”.

When i try to update the TinyBooter using FEZ Config the device manager spits out Unknown USB Device (Configuration Descriptor Request Failed)" for what i think should be a recognized GHI driver.

This is all done on a Windows 10 64-bit desktop PC between 2 different USB cables and a handful of USB ports all with consistent results. Iv’e tried with and without external power supply at 6V also.

MFDeploy Information:

Created EE.
HalSystemInfo.halVendorInfo:            Microsoft Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rig
HalSystemInfo.oemCode:                  255
HalSystemInfo.modelCode:                0
HalSystemInfo.skuCode:                  65535
ClrInfo.clrVendorInfo:                  Microsoft Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rig
SolutionReleaseInfo.solutionVendorInfo: Copyright (C) GHI Electronics, LLC
SoftwareVersion.BuildDate:              Jul 29 2015
SoftwareVersion.CompilerVersion:        410713
FloatingPoint:                          True
SourceLevelDebugging:                   True
ThreadCreateEx:                         True
LCD.Width:                              320
LCD.Height:                             240
LCD.BitsPerPixel:                       16
AppDomains:                             True
ExceptionFilters:                       True
IncrementalDeployment:                  True
SoftReboot:                             True
Profiling:                              True
ProfilingAllocations:                   True
ProfilingCalls:                         True
IsUnknown:                              False

Hi, welcome to the forum.
When I remember right, I succeeded to update the TinyBooter on a Windows 7 PC.

@ everygoodnameistaken - Me too, have an old machine for that purpose alone :whistle: