FEZ Spider -- Firmware upload failed

I first tried to upload with “FEZ Spider Mainboard Updater”, but I got error as first screen

So, I tried to update manually as GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

However, TinyBoot upload is failed after sending 17408 bytes as second screen

I only connected “USB Client DP” at Socket #1, nothing else

@ Venusaur - And which OS do you use ?

I use Windows 7 Professional K - 64bit

And do you power the DP or only use the USB power ?

I only connected USB.

Or to add an external power device in the jack plug !

I guess that it also could be something between the consumption during update, and the use of JACK_DET…

USB3? I think there is sometimes an issue with USB3 ports.

I’m using USB2, not USB3.
Althought I tried external power supply, it didn’t working.

Finally I brought another Spider board, and it worked perfectly.
So, I concluded that there was hardware malfunction on previous Spider board.

Thanks for all commants.