FEZ Spider Bootloader V2

I need to install bootloader v2 onto my fez spider, but I cannot seem to find the “.ghi” bootloader v2 file anywhere. Can someone link me to it?

It should be something similar to the file used in the video here > link

Currently, we officially provide the latest for spider II, which uses G120. The older spider uses the discounted EMX. You will need to build tinyclr on your own to use on EMX. Or simply use NETMF.

How would i go about building my own tinyclr?


The link doesn’t work anymore, could you provide a new link? I would like to use an old spider but I don’t know how to build tinyclr and deploy that to the device.

is under NETMF

G120 and G120E (Spider Kit II)

but for MX (old Spider seems was removed or is into naother link)

I need the link for ‘spider I’. Is the documentation still available somewhere?



but keep in mind this is for TinyCLR 1.0

Alright that helps me out. Thanks!

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