Fez.Spider Application keeps restarting

Greetings to all! This is not a gripe…

I only wanted to ask if this is a known problem using the current .Net 4.2.

I have a Spider application that will run as long as I do NOT connect my auxillary power supply to the USB Client DP.
If I connect the auxillary power supply AND the USB cable at the same time, the Spider keeps resetting in a 'loop".

My ‘gut feel’ is that reinstalling the WinUSB will correct this but I have removed it because my ChipworkX System does not ‘like it’.
I’m now using the USB driver that installs with the current 4.2.

Anybody know if the ‘NEW - waiting for’ 4.2 software will allow both of my boards to run with one USB driver?
I sure hope so! I have just ordered the new FEZ Cobra II (WiFi) and… What USB driver will it want?

Again… This is really not a gripe

However, I would like to be able to use my Spider with the USB for debugging and the AUX power for some additional current.

What is the revision of your USB Client DP, @ andre.m as well

The 1.2 version of the USB Client DP has an issue when using both auxiliary and USB compliant power sources, and will produce the issue you are seeing, at least in your case.

The module works fine in 99.9% of cases.

It only fails when USB voltage and power supply are exact. This is where it gets confused on what source to use. It is extremely rare for this to happen and if it did then a different port or a hub will fix the matching.

This was fixed months ago and 1.3 ships since then.


It is a 2.5 Amp power supply. Works well with my ChipworkX, Spider (not with USB), and other micro’s I use.

My USB Client DP’s are both version 1.2. I have two of them and I get the same thing.

This is not a ‘End of the world’ thing to me. I wanted to ask so I don’t ‘spin wheels’ for something I cannot fix.

I can live with it…

Gus said… It only fails when USB voltage and power supply are exact…

Only a comment for information… My auxillary power supply puts out 12.1 Vdc (exactly)