Fez Spider and SignalR Coolness

Today I tried for several hours to connect via web-sockets using NETMF and different libraries, which went definitely wrong (none of the libs worked). I even installed the node.js module for IIS, worked but not the libs. Then I just wrote a simple Web API and mixed that with SignalR and simple web-requests on NETMF. Here is the result :dance:

Will do some code-shares very soon.


That’s fantastic! Thanks!

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@ ianlee74 - Thanks :slight_smile: I have some other ideas as well. But first I have to prepare my other code to share and do some write-ups. Now a coffee and a short break.

Are you using wired or wireless?

@ ianlee74 - Wired and static IP. Works very well, since I’ve added the host that runs IIS to my routers DNS configuration. No problems at all. And I assigned a static DNS. All hosts reachable now :slight_smile: Will try an extended sample with wireless and Raptor.