Fez Spider and GPRS Module


I bought the fez spider kit and the GPRS module. I created my first projects on VS 2010, and the module is working correctly. But I didn’t get the GPRS module on the gadgeteer toolbox. What should I do to use it? I have to access it directly from code? Or there is something I forgot to install? I know that the PPP stack is a “premium” feature, but on the description of the fez spider kit it is listed…


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I had to go here to get the drivers for that module:


I think the new NETMF 4.2 may have them included, but I’ve not upgraded my Spider yet.

You can get module project from codeplex, rebuild it and install it. Or you can install latest beta sdk, it should have it.

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What version of the GHI SDK did you install? I suggest you load the latest Beta SDK http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=7982

The Premium library is utilized by the Spider. The listing is correct.

Thanks guys, I downloaded the 4.2 beta and the GPRS was there, great!