Fez Spider and Gigabit ethernet

Are there any issues related to the fez spider ( and/or and a gigabit network? As far as I know the J11D is capable of max 100Mbit connections. It negotiate with the switch about the networking speed to be used. But what happens if the auto negotiate fails?

I’m asking this because I have one customer network where the fez spider can’t communicate with the internet once in a while (even if it has a static ip address). A couple of reboots and some switching to spider of solves the problem. Anyone an idea?

BTW, the same setup (fez spider with gigabit network) works without any problems by other customers.

I do not see how it maybe gigabit issue but maybe the switch can be configured to force it to 100mbit to see if this solves the problem?

@ Gus: look at this post on netduino forum:

I’ll ask the network engineer if the port can be forced to 100mbit.

What happens when negotiation fails is dependent upon individual hardware. For consumer level products, 10/100 mode should enable, due to backward compatibility support, however, in commercial products, this can be a configurable setting, as Gus suggested, or it could auto default to 1000 mode, for speed, less packet collisions across the inner network, etc.