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Fez Spider and 433MHz SRD band



I’m quite new in developing software for the Fez Spider…

Is it possible to receive signals from a low-power communication device? I own a device that sends data via this radio frequency technique (433MHz SRD band). I need to send this data to a sql server database via Wifi. Does anybody has experience in doing this?



Everything will be easy to do except you need a “433Mhz SRD module” or hack one using hte extender module. What receivers have you used in the past?

… and welcome to the community.


Welcome to the forum!

The Spider (and other FEZ boards) make great bridges like this. The detailed answer depends on what kind of communication protocol your wireless receiver supports. The Spider can do UART, SPI, I2C, plus others via the Extender module Gus mentioned. You can then send the data via Wifi using GHI’s module. NETMF does not directly support data access like ADO.NET or Entity Framework, so I would suggest writing a RESTful (WCF) web service to handle receiving your data via TCP or UDP. The service acts as the front end for Sql Server. If you have Sql Server 2008 or later, it can expose URL endpoints directly that accept XML data.

A bunch of us on this forum do .NET development for day jobs, and tinker with NETMF and GHI’s gadgets at night (or sometimes even at work if we’re lucky). Feel free to ask lots of questions and have fun!


Why Wifi?

If the 433 MHz ISM module is in range of the server, then you could possibly connect something as simple as a Panda or Mini directly to the USB of the server and transfer that way or perhaps add an Ethernet shield to use the network if you’re not allowed to physically connect to the server.

Nothing wrong with having an ISM to Wifi bridge or using Spider - but there are certainly cheaper and easier ways for such a simple task.

I have used these modules a lot “in the old days” (like 3 years ago :)). Lovely little things - hit us with your questions!