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FEZ SMART HHO in development


Guys, just want to share with you what I have done in last month working on my custom FEZ SMART HHO board using USBizi144 chiset. Please take look at my youtube video and post your judgements and comments on it please!


Simply impressive! Now let’s plug it to a car make another video :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing more


a bit of time and we will be there.


Nice work. What are you using for PCB design? Altium?


I am using latest DipTrace version. If you guys at GHI want to take look at my schematics, you are more then welcome to do that. I can give you only DipTrace files. I do not do my designs in EAGLE. It is too complicated to use.


Thank you :wink:

I liked the 3D modeling feature. I though that only Altium offers that.


Very interesting!


Great project, thanks for sharing !

Design Spark PCB also has the 3D rendering feature. It looks less realistic than Diptrace though, but it’s free ;)…


Pulsonix has 3D modeling as well. What I like about DipTrace that it is very easy to use, has great parts database and you can get it free with up to 1000 pins limit that is a lot for most projects. No limits on the PCB size up to 4 layers though! IMHO, one thing that sucks in the DipTrace is Autorouter and GUI.