FEZ robot third hand

I’m interested in making a robotic third hand for my soldering station. Something slow moving and rugged enough to take the heat, so to speak. I’ve seen a robot arm kit, but it had a plastic “hand” and the servos looked wimpy. SparkFun just added an aluminum “hand” that might do the trick, which got me thinking about this idea. Suggestions on servos and hardware appreciated!

Oooh… That would be a nice little lab “tool”. Actually, one with a plastic/rubber hand would make a nice PCB clamp. A button to have it auto-rotate 180deg would be great. Push in the resistor…push the button…solder…push the button…

@ ianlee74 - that’s exactly where I’m going to start… simple… two servos, two knobs.

Add a voice recognition module and make it speech activated.

“Turn!” “Hooooold…” “Up!”

Then make two little crocodile clips you can put in two wires - and it will touch the one to the other and hold perfectly still

Love it :slight_smile:

-1 One thing I like most about retiring to “the lab” at night is that I don’t have to hear anyone talk - not even myself :wink:

Why do you think the term mad is put in front of scientist so much? Because we talk to ourselves (loudly)… that is one of the main reasons I go to the basement to “work” - so I don’t get strange looks from the family when I yell out a Tourettes like exclamation :slight_smile:

All kidding aside - I looked at the one Gus used for his CANxtra demo - a nice aluminum robot arm, but it’s about $300. http://www.lynxmotion.com Does that seem about right price-wise, or could I find a well made kit for lower?

Put some servos on this :wink:


If not voice activated - then what about brain control? :slight_smile:

How fancy is this “helping hand” going to be?

Do you really need a mechanical gripper or just regular helping hands on a robotic wrist?

A robotic version of this?

Sounds like an awesome project - good luck!