Fez Rhino Wiz811MJ alternative

Hi all,

does anyone know how the WIZ811MJ module is interfaced? I see on it’s datasheet that it has an 8 bit bus and SPI. All the code examples show it uses SPI1, and I guess I can’t use the IO40, IO41, IO42 pins on the Rhino, correct?

Now the WIZ811MJ is hard to get in Belgium, but I could get the WIZ550io instead (http://www.wiznet.co.kr/sub_modules/en/product/Product_Line.asp?cate1=5&cate2=42).
If I connect that to SPI1 ports (IO40,41,42) will the WIZ5100 library work with that?

Thanks in advance,

I doubt W5500 chip the 550IO uses is a compatible replacement for W5100, so I’m leaning towards no without a bunch of refactoring. The two modules are not pin compatible either (but you probably knew that :slight_smile: ).

Interestingly, WizNet is doing a contest with the 550io to see what kind of crazy things we can come up with. I jumped at the chance to get a sample for free, but honestly, wired connections are going the way of the dinosaur for small IoT devices. There’s still probably a decent niche in noisy production environments, but that doesn’t seem to be where the focus of the new “fun” (aka wireless) hardware is (IMLO).

BTW - I’ve got three Rhinos w/811MJs attached. These boards are rock solid and refuse to die. I could be possibly convinced to spare one…

the firmware for the Wiznet networking on USBizi is closed to IIRC, so you’d really struggle to get the 5500 working. Time to bite the bullet and get a Wiz811mj online before they turn into dinosaurs

Thanks guys.

Brett, module will be on my desk next tuesday :smiley: