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Fez Rhino Unregonized USB Device windows 7


Hey people. Go easy on a newbie…

I’m having a bit of trouble with my new Fez Rhino. For some reason, when I plug the device into one of my USB ports (not into a hub) windows determines that the best driver for the device is actually “unknown” even though i have installed the x64 drivers.

Whats really rattling my cage is that I have been able to get the device to be recognized within device manager and visual studio a couple of times…however, its currently reverted to an ambiguous state according to windows.

I believe i may have pressed a sequence of buttons on the rhino to step it out of BL mode. However, i’m unsure. I have done countless repairs and installs of the drivers now…i’m getting pretty tired of it.

Any help would be much appreciated!


  1. disconnect FEZ and any other USB devices fro you PC (leave mouse/keyboard)
  2. reset your PC
  3. hold the BL button on FEZ Rhino and keep it held down while you plug it into your PC (do nto use hub for now)
  4. windows should detect it as a virtual serial device. Find the drivers inside the GHI SDK installed on your PC
  5. open teraterm (install it from GHI website) and open the COM port related to your FEZ. any baud rate is okay so leave it to default.
  6. type E to erase all and then Y to confirm

let us know if you are able to go this far


Hey Gus.

OK, I managed to disconnect everything, reboot the PC and hold down the LDR button as i plugged it in to Port 6 Hub 1 (according to Device Manger) on the back of my PC. I still get the “Unrecognized USB device” message appear.



Hey Gus. I have managed to get as far as point 6. on your list. I have just erased the BL.

Whats next?

Thanks in advance.


From first response :slight_smile:

so why?

Your problem is most likely related to insufficient power.

Your next step is to load the firmware using X command


Brilliant, thanks Gus! I am now able to ping it in MFDeploy. However, how do i get Windows to recognize this device every time i connect it to my tower? For example, if i hit reset it no longer reorganizes the device.