FEZ Rhino oem kit retired

I’ve just realized that the rhino oem kit is retired…
What a pity!

Now developing a simple project with an ethernet socket, an sd card, a display and an usb client seems to be more expensive and there is not an equivalent kit that includes a similar box…

Sure GHI guys have something in mind…



I am wrong… Not more expensive using panda II or domino. But there is not a kit with such a beautiful box (except for the cobra box, that is more expensive).

Are you going to provide a box for the spider?


With all the modules that are available, and more coming, it is very hard to design a case.

I use a perforated board on which I mount only the modules that I am using for a project. But, it is certainly not pretty.

Yeah, the problem is this: the spider is a very powerfull board, but it can be use only for prototypes… The rhino kit was a good solution for a final product.

The Cobra is the board that can be used for a final product.

We give you the design files + the chipset needed. So, you can make it if you want. GHi can also make special runs for you (with volume) as well. It is just not an off-the-shelf item anymore.

Still few in stock so grab them while you can.