FEZ Reaper + ENC28 Ethernet

I know these are EOL, but I have a problem with a set up that has been working, and stopped.

FEZ Reaper + ENC28 Ethernet module.

The ENC28 has stopped sending the NetworkUp event, BUT ONLY when no debugger attached. With debugger attached (VS2015) it works perfectly!

I can’t figure it out to save my life. I have a N18 Display module to print out debug w/0 VS attached. That’s how I know the NetworkUp event is never sent.

Did you change anything before it stopped working?

No, it works on my spider, too. I looked in git history, nothing has changed in start up code. Only code that changed is code that handles incoming network traffic well after NIC init, etc.

I do remember having to do a hard reset on one network module a few years ago, but can’t remember if it was this one, or a WiFi module.

That it works with debugger attached makes me suspect that it could be a timing problem. Without debugger attached the board may be to fast, so that some initialization of the ENC28 is not yet finished at a certain time. I would try to add some Thread.Sleep in the code at different places

The first thing I would do is write a simple program which initializes the network interface. If it work with and without the debugger then I would think there is something in the code that has changed.

If the same problem exists, then something in the network has changed…

Have you changed the DHCP host on your network? It might be responding too fast…

Roger that, started a clean project already, will post results. I did have some out of mem errors when I added the display…

Have you changed the DHCP host on your network? It might be responding too fast…

That was one suspicion i had in production environment, as some network equipment did change. However, this behavior is repeatable on my home network where it has always worked before.