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FEZ Raptor with G400


I see that the Raptor has a RTC circuit. Is there a connector for an external battery to keep the clock running?


@ dspacek - pin 5 on socket 5, the “Z” socket.


Is there a Gadgeteer module with a battery holder for a CR2032 disk battery?


@ dspacek - GHI does not sell a battery module that supports the CR2032. Digikey sells those types of battery holders.


Maybe that will be the first custom board I make - a small board that just has a battery holder and plugs into a Z Socket. We sure could use one.




I found something - almost a Gadgeteer module:

20mm Coin Cell Breakout Board (CR2032)


The Z socket is relative. You would need to allow a jumper for 7 pins to connect in case the vbat is on another pin from the Raptor. It is on pin 8 for Cerberus.