FEZ Raptor End of Life?

Would anyone know when an estimated date of the FEZ raptor end of life would be? The schematic does not have a date on it, so I am not sure when the Raptor/G400 was released. The reason I ask is, I did not want to start prototyping with a board that is a year or less out on an end of life date.


@ aciciura - Because the Raptor is based on the G400 and the board itself is open source, even if we quit making it, you could take the design file and have it built somewhere else. We generally offer products after of EOL with MOQ quantities as long as raw parts are available.

Excellent, thanks Gary!

@ aciciura - You are welcome, if you need anything else just let us know.

@ aciciura - I started a commercial design based on the G400 late last year, and while nothing is written in stone, will be adding to the quantity purchased for hopefully the next 2 years or more.

Thanks for the response michaelb! Encouraging to know.

@ Gary - Another quick question, we had our design go out with the original Fez Spider and had more than enough quantities to cover the demand. As that has been End of Life for some time, is there anyway to manufacture the original FEZ Spider or has that production completely stopped? (I ask due to time constraints, and that moving to the FEZ Spider 2 or FEZ Raptor would require a complete regression (plus code changes) that we are trying to avoid.)


@ aciciura - email me at gary . beaver @ ghielectronics . com

@ Gary - Thanks again. Email has been sent. Appreciate your time.