Fez Raptor / ENC28 / N18 Display module


When I started my first application, Five hours ago, I put on my Raptor main board a N18 display module AND a Ethernet ENC28 module

And I had this error :

SPI bus 0 is already reserved

Because I went go forward, I put off ENC28 module …

Now, I want to understand what worked wrong but I can not reproduce the exception.

I put ENC module on port 11, and Display module on Port 1 or Port 3

all seems work fine (except drivers error on N18 module, I just submit another post for this problem …)

May be someone can explain me my first error (I want learn …)

(I see here https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/man/G400_User_Manual.pdf G400 have 2 SPI channel and One of this must have only Slave module,

I don’t know where is SP1 and SP2 channel on main board (Port 1, 3, or 11 ??)
I don’t know if N18 or ENC28 is SLave or master module ?

thanks a lot for your help


@ Thibaud - Best way to figure out which pin goes where is to check the schematic. For the raptor that can be found here:


@ Thibaud - Just had a quick look at the schematic. Looks like sockets 3 and 11 are both SPI 1, while socket 1 is SPI 2.

With the caveat that I’ve yet to use more than one SPI device simultaneously, I’d try connecting the Ethernet module to socket 1, and the N18 to either 3 or 11, so they’re each on their own channel.

@ devhammer

thanks a lot for your answer

I’m going to continue to have fun :slight_smile: … the next WE !

Good night From “France” (or good days …) :wink:

@ Thibaud - My pleasure.

Good night to you as well, and welcome to the forums!