Fez Raptor and IP protection

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How do I protect my IP (software and data) when it’s in the on board memory of the Fez Raptor? how do I prevent IP thieves from accessing the system memory when it’s running and extracting the firmware or other data from the system.

This is important to me because I need to implement a DRM system using the Fez Raptor.

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Mr. John Smith.

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in the GHI.Premium.System namespace there is a Util class. within this class, there is a SetApplicationProtection method. I am not sure how this works. maybe GHI can create a document on application protection.

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A quick search shows that this feature is not yet implemented.

@ Mr. John Smith - I would add it to the task tracker. Looks like you are the first one who really needs that feature.

@ Architect, before you do what is the feature actually supposed to do?

I think it supposed to do what you want, but I have never used it, so I am not 100% sure. Somebody from GHI will clarify.

@ andre.m - which level of protection do you recommend?

Then it definitely needs to be added to the tracker and voted, by people who needs it.

Nobody discarding anything. It is a good way of giving a proper attention though.

Alright, where is that voting button.

This is to be added in the future. We had something in 4.1 but we wanted to improve it like we did for IFU. No set date but if this is a commercial need then please contact GHI directly please.

it’s obviously a need, we’ve had two threads on this in the last 24 hours. Guess we’ll see if it’s a commercial need or not !