FEZ Powered Shooting Gallery

For this semesters student design class our students are building air powered pin-pong ball shooters. We instructors are building the shooting gallery. For the most part we have built this with stuff that was on hand: scrap lumber, and FEZZY parts. We did buy a few new FEZZY parts like a 4 channel relay board to control the blower.

Here are a few quick photos. The round targets on the left are shot at first. The first large target gets you a score multiplier of 1.0 and you get fractional points for the other four targets for a total multiplier of two. During the first thirty seconds of the game only the multipliers can be fired upon.

During the second part of the game, which lasts two minutes, the targets can now be shot at. Each target is worth a certain amount of points. Each target value is multiplied by the multiplier score (from first part of game) and added to the total score.

The scoring works fine now. I still have to get the blower control hooked up and install the motors and mechanisms to automatically reset all of the targets to their upright position.

And here is a pic of a team working on their ping-pong ball shooter…

Why didn’t they have classes like this when I was going to school?


How are you enforcing this?

Too much fun!

I can’t wait to see the action video of this one, especially as Jeff and team run around rescuing ping-pong balls and become new targets :slight_smile:

I want to see that too! ;D

[quote]>>During the first thirty seconds of the game only the multipliers can be fired upon.

How are you enforcing this?

There are two different methods of enforcement.

  1. For the first segment of game play only the multiplier targets are watched. If one of the scoring targets are hit it will not be recorded.
  2. Eventually we will have a mechanism on each row that will automatically reset the targets and hold them in place. The reset mechanism will lower only when you are able to shoot at the targets.

I’ll take some video the next time a team is shooting for points.