FEZ Pandas are invading our planet

We have been shipping piles and piles of package to USPS, FedEX, UPS all day yesterday and all day today. I was so excited when Robert told me that he just completed the last order.

We all hope you will love your new FEZ Pandas and you will take care of them in their new homes.

Note that is you choose the cheapest shipping option then the package may take 2 weeks to reach your location.

Looking forward to see the cool projects you will come up with.

Never Say no to panda.

Yeah, but with that the price comes back up :stuck_out_tongue: I went to order 10 more and they’re nearly double :slight_smile: Glad I got 5 when I could.

Can you say what the final tally on the first shipment of Pandas was?

EDIT: We should have a contest. Guess the number of Panda preorders, get a Panda.

Oh Oh

The special pricing is gone and I did not get even one.

May be there will be an end of season sale :smiley:

Dont say no to panda you see what he does. :wink:

That Panda is too funny, thanks for posting it bstag.

Looking forward to receiving my Pandas (Yes, that’s plural :wink: )

I received my Panda today. Thank you for shipping them so quickly!


A lot 8)

You know I’ve noticed the number on the back side in the top right part of the board looks like a production number, mine is 3710.

so is mine - so I doubt it’s that :slight_smile:

Aww and there I though we’d have cracked it!

I would generally guess they sold several hundred of them. My guess is about 450-650 units.

I would say 300-400 items.

I bet the first batch was 500 units

I would guess the same thing, by looking at the Panda Bill Of Materials (BOM) that comes with Panda Design files.

But I would say 1000 units, since they might get a quantity discount from the board manufacturer.
And the popularity of the FEZ seem to be growing fast, too!