FEZ Panda special offer ending soon

This is your last chance to stock on FEZ Pandas for an amazing at-cost price of $19.95. Sale ends soon once we have filled all orders.

…you can sell these on ebay later and make money :o

Is this a hint? :smiley:

If mine are not yet shipped, then I may add two more :think:

…you can sell these on ebay later and make money[/quote]

Probably not a good idea to give people ideas. Next thing you know, the fatwallet people will come in and ruin it, just like the Sparkfun freeday thing.

Indeed Chris, or you get some sort of cheap china clones :smiley:

I don’t think anyone would try to clone the boards, I’m more worried about people who have no idea what they are buying them in bulk to resell.

Yes and therefor not providing ANY support at all which might give FEZ a bad image. :frowning:

I think the issue is more to the fact that such people would be preventing new users from buying Pandas at such an affordable price.