FEZ Panda shield compatibility

Hi all,

I’ve been looking around the site, and I can’t find a list of compatible shields that
will work with the FEZ Panda.

Does such a list exist? Or will I have to just compare the pins on the shield versus the panda?



I2c pins are in different place but I haven’t seen a shield that uses them. Also there is no icsp header. But again most shields do not use it.

What shield you had in mind?

Geez that was fast.

Any of the ones from sparkfun (xbee, motor, etc.) or from adafruit.

Also, would they need special drivers?



Can you be more specific??
There are so many shields, breakout boards, etc…
or you also can browse here to see if you can see something similar to what you are looking for…


The more specific you could tell, the faster you can get the answer! :wink:

A simple answer…99% of them will work :slight_smile:

@ Rik
as Gus said, 99.9% are pin identical.
Some shields offer an SDCard driven by SPI - these aren’t going to be much help, since the Panda uses the 4-bit SDCard interface, not SPI. So, be careful with data loggers etc.

0.01% can be made to work as well, with a little bit of wire (or three) and some bending of pins. May not be as pretty as it was before, but you can do anything with a Fez :smiley:

Well that’s good news.

I was thinking of these:






Hello Rik,

The XBEE Shield should work without any modifications.
The Ardumoto shield needs a modification, because Pin11 has no PWM capability on FEZ. You will need to reroot Pin11 to Pin9 for example.
Can’t say much about the GPS shield. No infos about it, it’s only a PCB . Didi you meen this one?


Yes, my bad. I meant the adafruit one.

Sounds good, I was mostly looking to use the Xbee shield anyways.

Guess I’ll be ordering my panda soon!