FEZ Panda meets TRON Legacy

So I come from a family of Disney super-nerds… my brother-in-law is building a Pirates of the Caribbean static display in his house, and asked for remote controlled music. I figured it was a perfect excuse to break out a Panda II and Music Shield to add fancy lighting.

Anyways, I decided to add a TRON Legacy Easter Egg when you hit the 4 audio tracks in a certain order.

If you guys are interested I’ll post more videos as it gets closer to done and finally integrated into his display. I’m just overly excited about it and wanted to show it off to you the pros here!


Oops, forgot the video lol

Lol very cool!

Fantastic! However, I must wonder if you haven’t spent more time on the easter egg than the Pirates display… :smiley:

Hahah right you are. I guess I could re-purpose some of my methods and maybe fancy up the pirate galleon and Caribbean fortress part of the ride audio. This is how these little favor projects tally up hours I don’t dare to calculate!!