FEZ Panda Loader-Button

Just from the specs the FEZ Panda sounds really great (i don’t have one yet). But how is the programming handled? I read about the hardware Loader-Button. Do i really have to press this button always when i want to upload some new code to the device? I hope not because this would really be annoying after some time. If this is true and you always have to press this button to upload, please enlighten me why TINYCLR has chosen this approach.

No you do not need to hold any button

on visual c#, click on debug with your panda connected and you can run your program in no time…

And to clarify, the LDR button is most often used to initiate bootloader mode when you need to upload a new FIRMWARE.

and to clarify further, Firmware being the .Net CLR. Something you will only ever have to do rarely.

Uploading your program code is as simple as clicking ‘Deploy’ in Visual Studio.