FEZ Panda III TinyCLR Firmware Update


I would like to use the TinyCLR V 0.5 on my FEZ Panda III, this requires a boot loader update and firmware update. I could not find the documentation for these processes and I do not know the correct file names.

Panda is G80. User the G80 firmware.

@ jasonrichardcraig - Maybe it can help:

@ Gus_ghielectroncs -

I see a “G80 Firmware.0.5.0.ghi” file in the folder but I do not see a bootloader file. Do I use the “FEZ Bootloader.2.0.3.dfu” file for the bootloader?


The bootloader is already loaded on your G80.

@ Gus_ghielectroncs -

Thanks Gus!