Hi, i have problem setting the FEZ Panda III RTC date on Sunday. There is no problem setting the RTC date from Monday to Saturday.

DateTime dt = new DateTime(2017, 2, 5, 10, 25, 0); 
RealTimeClock.SetDateTime(dt); //No change

what can i do to solve this error?

Thanks in advance

NETMF v4.3
Fez Panda III firmware

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Interesting observation. Yeah, a quick test shows that this fails for me too. Works fine on a G120, but not on a G80 (Panda 3 for me)

DateTime dtAdjust, dtRTClock;

                dtRTClock = RealTimeClock.GetDateTime();
                Debug.Print("0: Pre set Real-time Clock " + RealTimeClock.GetDateTime().ToString());
                Debug.Print("The RTC date was bad; set to MFTime");
                RealTimeClock.SetDateTime(DateTime.Now); //set RTC to netmf time if not working

            dtAdjust= new DateTime(2017, 2, 12, 11, 25, 0);
            RealTimeClock.SetDateTime(dtAdjust); //No change when a Sunday
            Debug.Print("1: Post set Real-time Clock " + RealTimeClock.GetDateTime().ToString());
            Debug.Print("2: MF clock " + DateTime.Now.ToString());


@ DimDel - We are able to reproduce it but we do not have a work around at this time.