FEZ Panda III Breakout Layout

Hi, I am very late to the FEZ product, I found it while searching for a controller with multiple CAN and serial ports so I could use it as a vehicle controller.
Much of the legacy data for the Panda 2 and 3 is no longer available at GHI’s website.I am trying to find CAD layout data for the headers on the PANDA 2 & 3 so I can build some custom breakout boards. Does anyone know where these may still be floating in the Ether?


I have a copy of the eagle files for the FEZ Panda II RevD board? It’s in a zip called, strangely, “FEZ Panda II RevD.zip” :slight_smile: Would that help?

Edit: the same thing is linked on Sparkfun’s site, and usually linked from their resellers page… a quick internet search will get you them

Brett, that would be great. I had been hunting for the Zip file that was mentioned in comments back in 2010, but every link took me to a “Page not Found” or broken link. I was able to locate the schematic, but the pcb files continued to elude me. The sparkfun page listed the Zip file, but then didn’t include an active link.

I appreciate the help. Is it small enough to email?


Did you try copying that CDN link on the sparkfun page into your browser? :slight_smile:

@nikom74 I tried Bretts post the files are

[here](http://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Dev/dotNET/FEZ Panda II RevD.zip

THanks to all, that worked out great. First boards just came back from PCBWay and they fit perfectly.

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