Fez Panda II to specfic PCB

We develop a little application with the Fez Panda II and Connect Shield (ultimate kit). If we want to make a specific PCB:

  • what are the steps ?

  • can we use the Fez Panda II and Connect Shield electronic shemas, dropping what we don’t need, and making our own implantation ?

  • if we buy some USBizi100 (or USBizi144) Chipsets, is the Microsoft .Net Micro Framework (and other GHI libraries) included ? How can we do the first deployment (is the bootloader presinstalled on the chipset ?) ?

  • which chipset is on the Fez Panda II ? USBizi100 or USBizi144 ?

Thanks for answer.


Yes if you buy them from GHI


Thank you very much.