Fez Panda II - stuck and not detected

Hey guys, I recently started using the Fez Panda II and I uploaded some code which I believe got my panda stuck. I came to this conclusion when i uploaded the code to another panda thinking it was just my panda’s fault and the same thing happened again.

Now I cant upload any new code to the fez panda and it is not detected on MFdeploy.

Whenever I press or hold the reset button then MFdeploy will detect the board for a second but not long enough for me to reset or ping the board. Also, I’ve already tried reinstalling drivers and what not.

I was hoping to find out if there was anything else that I wasn’t trying.

Thanks for any help.

Hi HKSpadez,

Welcome to the community.

It sounds as if the code you uploaded put the Panda into a tight loop and the system is not responding. What do you mean by reinstalling the drivers? I am not sure if you mean reinstalling the firmware but I believe that is what you will have to do. Note that reflashing the firmware to the Panda II will erase the whole system except the bootloader which should return your Panda to full working condition.

For instructions on how to reflash the board please link here: