Fez Panda II SD Trouble with External Power

I’ve been using this class for some quick SD card data logging on a Panda II:

It works just fine when I’m debugging (plugged into my desktop with a usb cable and loading code with Visual C# Express).

However, when I plug the Panda II into an external power source (I’ve tried a usb cable into an AC adapter and a 9V wall wart), the program hangs. (It seems to hang somewhere around line 84 of the class code).

Any ideas why it works plugged into the desktop, but not standalone?


Are you using serial port events?

You can always add some debug.print here and there to track down why it is not working when not debugging

I’m doing some SPI and I2C communication.

Since it works when I’m in debug mode but not when it’s standalone, I’m not sure what I could add with debug.prints that would help, since I can only see that output in debug mode… when it’s working.

Any ideas?


Open MFDeploy, connect to your panda and you’ll see all your debug statements in the console window.