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FEZ Panda II led template


I’m just starting with my new Panda II.
I’have successfully updated to newest firmware.
I created new Panda Project in visual studio 2010 from the newest GHI-SDK template.

i expected the red onboard led flashing , but the led is constantly on. :frowning:
I’m able to connect to the device , debug the code, set breakpoints , Debug.Print works…
MFDeploy + Teraterm are OK too.

What’s my mistake?


Please post your code. We can’t guess what you wrote :slight_smile:


[italic]I created new Panda Project [/italic]

use new Panda II Project


Probably you did not update the firmware, did you?


Please follow this tutorial from this page

We are cleaning up the firmware update tutorial. Still in progress


Thank you,

Panda II rocks now.
I started using Faz Panda Application (i failed to see that there is Faz Panda II Application as well :-[),
Thanx Architect… :wink: