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Fez panda II Fez touch user interface


hey guys, do you know any library that makes user graphic inteface?


Which display?


fez touch :slight_smile: i kinda need to do a sort of menu interface


thx but does it work on panda?


I don’t think so… The requirement for Glide is that the device library support Bitmap class graphics. The Panda II does not support this type of graphics.

Go to Community area of forum, select CodeShare, and type in “FEZ touch” into the search box. You should find lots of sample code you might be able to use.


i’ve found Skewworks Spiral SDK and willing to buy it but the site disappeared


You might get Spiral to work on the Panda, but I’m guessing you won’t be happy with the performance.


hey ransomhall !

I just need to make something very similar to the youtube video! It’s just a school project that i must do! Do you think he used Fez panda II on this video, i don’t really need a good just something to make a prototype of a carwash maintenance menu. Thx!