FEZ Panda II Deployment Error

I’m using a sample HTTPServer for the W5100 I found on this forum, and by itself it builds, deploys and runs flawlessly. I have 2 DLLs I created to add capabilities to the server. If I add a reference to one of the DLLs, it still builds and deploys, etc. If I add a reference to the other DLL, removing the first DLL reference (net increase of 1 DLL), it still builds and deploys. When I add a reference to both DLLs, the deployment fails. This is all I can find in the Output tab:

Incrementally deploying assemblies to device
Deploying assemblies for a total size of 154676 bytes
Assemblies not successfully deployed to device.
Deployment to the device was not successful.

I updated the firmware on day 1, and have successfully run several demo/sample projects. I wonder if it’s a total payload size issue, but 154676 bytes doesn’t sound too big to me on a Panda II.

Any ideas?

What dlls?

They were DLLs I wrote for my project. I can reference the DLLs individually in the HTTP Server project and they deploy. I can even reference them together in a dummy project rather than with the HTTP Server proejct, and that also deploys. It’s only when I include them together in the HTTP Server project that they fail to deploy. On the surface, this sounds like a size issue as this last scenario is the only scenario that crosses 150k in size, but I’m pretty new to MF and don’t really have a clue what’s wrong.

Maybe you have compiled the DLL against older library and this is why it is not being loaded. Maybe your DLL is compiles against some very large DLL like TinyCore which doesn’t fit (and not needed) on these little devices.

@ Gus, thanks for the ideas. All of the GHI libraries’ RuntimeVersions are 4.0.30319, and Versions are The HTTPServer project, which I got off the forum, has only the 2 extra DLLs that I wrote (and have been talking about). All other reference DLLs are the same as original HTTP project.

My 2 DLLs reference Microsoft.SPOT.Native and mscorlib only. Microsoft.SPOT.* files are RuntimeVersion 4.0.30319 and Versions are 4.1.2821.0. One of my DLLs reference the other DLL, other than that, they are configured the same.

Are there other logfiles I can view that give more detailed deployment info?

@ Gus, sorry I didn’t answer one of your questions: no, I’m not using TinyCore, and the largest DLL that I’m referencing is the HttpServer.exe at 63k and the W5100 HTTP DLL at 58k. All other files are in the teens or less kilobytes. That’s Debug mode sizes if that makes a difference in MF.

Send me your project please gusi@ ًًghiele

What GHI SDK version are you using? The main release is now