FEZ Panda II at sparkfun

Have you use FEZ Panda II and want to put a good word about it? Here is your chance to help :slight_smile: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10749

I noticed they dropped the price on Panda1 and tagged it as a sale item, but not on the Domino. Interesting. Probably would be bad form to tell folks to get a domino here for less :smiley:

Put in a nice word on the comments :slight_smile:

Glaring typ0 fixed :-[

@ skew - Will do, and noticed you did already. Might want to change ‘object-orientated’ to ‘object oriented’ :stuck_out_tongue: Too bad I can’t upload a picture of my custom panda2 shiny red enclosure with LED backlight on their forum! I think there is a future in custom ‘personalized’ enclosures for all the various uCs now on the market. Just need to convince my wife to let me buy a laser cutter :wall:

Domino will not stay on sale forever, 2 weeks are almost over :slight_smile:

Thanks guys

@ ransomhall Instructables are running 4th Epilog challenge. If you have a good tutorial you can win a nice cutter.

@ gus commented on sf

@ architect - funny you should mention that. just put the finishing touches on my design of a laser cut enclosure for the instructable I’m entering in that contest. Epilog has some nice small machines - good size for ‘garage cutting’ :wink:


Hopefully, they’ll promote this in the Friday New Product Video tomorrow…

Done. Now if you could only get adafruit.com to carry your boards. I’ve found that their parts are usually of higher quality than SparkFun’s.