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Fez Panda i2c MPR121



I have several questions:
When connecting i2c device i use Di2 and Di3 for SDA and SCL pins?
Do i need to set those pins in .net code somehow?
Does anyone have successful example of MPR121 touch read?
Can i read touched electrodes not only via IRQ but somehow via i2c connection?



Yes, see “I2C bus” tutorial on this page

No, see the tutorial I mentioned above

What is MPR121?

You mean on the MPR121? I think this question is best answered by the MPE121 datasheet.

Welcome to the community.


Yep its in code at
I worked this out a while back and it not only shows how to talk to the MPR121 capacitive keypad but it demonstrates Bec A Fuel’s i2c extention that allowed me to have both the keypad and a New Haven display connected and interacting.
Let us know how things go there are a lot of us here willing to give help/guidance :wink:


tnx guys alot.
I’ll give it a try.