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FEZ Panda getting too hot


We learned that IC3 on some Pandas are getting too hot when using USB cable for power but then they are fine when using power from a power connector. We are trying to nail this down and we need your help as most users, including us, are not seeing this problem!

Here is how to test it out:

  1. Plug FEZ Panda to USB cable to PC. Do not connect anything else, not even power pack
  2. wait 5 seconds and touch IC3 quickly. Is it to hot? I mean too hot where you can’t touch it for more than very quickly. Do not burn your finger but if you can keep your second on it for one second then this is not too hot.

Now, if it was just warm then nothing else is needed from you. But if it was too hot then do this:

  1. Disconnect everything and wait for it cool down
  2. use power pack to power the FEZ Panda and IC3 will be somewhat warm but not too hot to the touch.
  3. send an email to ghielec@ ghie…com and tell us where you ordered it from and what is your order number. Use this title for your email please “FEZ Panda is too hot”

Thank you for your support


I have not been able to find any information about the results of this investigation with the new search feature. I guess I just don’t know how to use it yet :wall:

My Panda tinkering kit has been setting idle for about a month now. It was the device that was to be my CAN sniffer, so when the new Beta SDK came out, I got it out and updated the firmware.
When I disconnected the USB it felt hot. So I probed around and found that IC3 on my Panda was very hot.

I see from the search that if I use the external power this should not be a problem, but no mention of what the root cause is or how to correct it.

BTW, since I followed the installation instruction for the Tinker kit, it is going to be very difficult to remove the panda if that is reqired :naughty:


I had the same problem and replace the cable that came with the Panda by one of a hard drive I have and the Panda no longer gets hotter. 8)


Please contact GHI directly ghielec@ ghiel…


I send mail but have not seen any response, not even an acknowledgement of the mail. The mail did not bounce so it is going somewhere but I can be sure it is getting to the right person at GHI.
In the mean time I am not sure if I should apply power to the tinker kit or not.
The board was working fine before, but had been sitting in the case waiting for the new SDK. It was after applying the update that I noticed the over heating so I don’t know if this is coincidence or cause and effect.


Email me directly please and I will see what is going on gusi@ ghielectr…


I just noticed that the entry for ghielec@ ghiel… in my contacts list was superseded by notreply@ I must have clicked add to contacts on one of the shipping notices I received instead of show contents, mea Copa.
Anyway I have fixed my contacts list and resent it.


That explains it. The guys here never ignore an email