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Fez Panda Bot Video


First video created about my Fez Bot. Some had requested this. I will upload more videos later.



Sweet, I added it to wiki’s_Videos3


Cool. Enjoyed your overview.

PS. I can’t watch another ~demo with only a bad music track running and no talk. I wish fezzers never post one of those.


Really nice. I plan to post a video of my Panda 2 WD robot soon. It is based on the dfrobot mini 2wd chassis. Just barely bigger than the Panda itself. I have it running, but right now the code just runs it around in circles one way then the other. I need to get some of the sensors working.


Lol, sounds like my Panda tank style bot. I have it driving forward 50cm and backwards 50cm, continuously. Trying to keep it tracking in the same line for as long as possible, but i’m struggling to keep the motors synced… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the video!
Really enjoy it!


Great platform for a robot Peter.
But about the motors running on power up. Can’t you control that with some pull up/down resistors on the motor shield?