FEZ Panda and the PhidgetLED-64 board

Hi all,

I am a new user in this community :slight_smile:

I would like to build a wireless network of LED boxes using FEZ Panda and the PhidgetLED-64 board.
Description of the PhidgetLED-64 board is found here:

The idea is to have a small show with each LED box executing a program independently.

A typical LED box would be:

  1. A FEZ Panda board connected the PhidgetLED-64 board via USB.
  2. A wireless shield mounted on the FEZ Panda.
  3. A 12V power battrey supply.
  4. A program is loaded via wireless to the FEZ Panda.

To run the show:

  1. Make sure all boxes are switched on and listening.
  2. Computer sends a start signal to the boxes and the program of each LED box starts executing.

What do you think? Is this project achievable? Any advice from your experience?


You would normally use that board if you are using a PC so you can control LEDs. You can control LEDs directly with panda, unless you have some high current LEDs?

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Hi Gus,

I do understand that PhidgetLED-64 is normally controlled by a PC. However, using FEZ Panda is impossible to control it or it is something you should not do?

P.S. I am a total newbie!

Yes FEZ Panda should be able to control USB to control the LEDs but is a bad idea, especially if you are new to the USB world.

Is that FTDI chip on the board. Read what it says on the chip.

By the way, this will interest you (but it is very old and outdated) http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Phidgets

I understand GUS.

Can you recommend me a board similar to the PhidgetLED-64 which can be controlled by FEZ Panda (TTL) ?

Thanks a lot for your help!

What do you want ot make at the end and we will try to find the easiest way for you.