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Fez Panda and DHT11


Hi how would I connect the DHT11 to the fez panda.This is the fez panda original.


with 3 wires???

What is your question exactly?

The 3 pins on that sensor are VCC, GND, and S.

For VCC you need to figure out if you need to supply 5v or 3.3v to the sensor. Connect that cable to the appropriate Fez pin.

For GND, wire it to the Fez GND.

S is the sensor data. That you need to wire to the appropriate pin on the Fez. I believe this sensor uses the one-wire standard, meaning you can connect it to any pin.


Here’s the driver:—temperature-and-humidity-sensor/

Brett, it uses “a” one-wire standard, not “the” one-wire standard :wink:


By the way, even if the DHT11 has 3 wires (vcc3.3 gnd and data) this driver uses 2 interrupt data pins on the fez panda board, wired together. This is not a standard one wire protocol… :wink: