Fez Panda 3 electric pins limits

I have a Fez Panda 3 and I want to start using it in various projects which will include connecting it to various sensors. I know that the easiest way to destroy a controller is to exceed the input values for pins (I did it few times), so I would like to know where can I find those limitations for the Panda 3 board.

So far, this is what I found:
"Digital inputs sense if the state of a pin is high or low. There is a voltage limitation on these
input pins. For example, the minimum voltage on the pin is 0 volts. A negative voltage may
damage the microcontroller. Also, the maximum voltage you can apply to a pin must not
exceed the the processor’s power source voltage, typically 3.3V. Since 5V is still commonly
used from the old days, many microcontrollers running at 3.3V have digital input pins that
tolerate 5V. Check the product’s manual to determine if some or all pins are 5V tolerant.
IMPORTANT: 5V-tolerant doesn’t mean the processor can be powered off of 5V. Always
power it with 3.3V."
but it is not specific enough to be used.

I would like to know if the inputs are 5V tolerant and the max current a pin can source or consume.

Thanks in advance for any useful information…

@ Sorin - From the G80 SOC datasheet. The Panda III uses the G80.

7.1 General Purpose Input and Output (GPIO)
GPIOs can read and write logical high and low signals. Keep the following in mind:
 They default to inputs with internal weak pull-up resistors
 They operate on 3.3 V logic levels.
 They are 5 V tolerant when not in analog or crystal mode, though analog output is never tolerant.
 They have controllable pull up and pull down resistors.
 Not all pins are interrupt capable at the same time. See design considerations.
 Most pins can source or sink up to 8 mA (see the processor’s documentation for advanced information).

This info is available in the Resources tab of the Panda III section of the catalog.